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Some Orange Blossoms »

Jill Van Sickle Painting

Sherbet Spring

Reshot, Redone and a Whopper of a Fish »

Here is a little potpourri of paintings I have been meaning to re-work, re-photograph or just plain forgot to put on the website. Some are very new and some were done earlier this summer.

Oh, and I try to keep my blog about my artwork and not my personal life, but I had to include this photo of the fish I caught last week. Can’t wait to paint him!

More New Work »

Two new pieces posted below!

Jill Van Sickle Painting

Spring Snow - 12"x48"

Jill Van Sickle Painting

Tangled - 30"x40"

Show #1 Down »

The first of my big summer shows is now up at Beaujo’s Bistro and Wine Bar. Sixteen of my paintings are hung.

Now, it is your job to go sit at the restaurant (great place by the way – menu looks good!) and talk very loudly about how great the artwork is. Hehee!

Jill Van Sickle Painting

Under the Blossoms - 48”x64” - Beaujo’s Wine Bar