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Some Orange Blossoms »

Jill Van Sickle Painting

Sherbet Spring

Searching for Spring »

Lately, I can’t help but paint plants, birds and anything that suggests spring. This 40 degree weather is NOT helping! Here is a set of three botanical paintings.

Jill Van Sickle Painting

4"x12" each - $125

Melting Ponds »

The last week I’ve been enamored with the melting ponds at the park where I walk my dog everyday. The reflection of the leafless plants and trees against the half-water, half-ice is really beautiful. The colors have been amazing as well, drastically changing with the light.

Here are two pieces I’ve been working on that are inspired by these melting ponds.

Jill Van Sickle Painting

Melting Ponds Inspiration 1

Jill Van Sickle Painting

Melting Ponds Inspiration 2

Spring Special »

Because I can’t yet see any blossoms, I made some of my own today. $95 for all four!

Jill Van Sickle Painting

Each square is 6"x6"

Spring Work »

Another work in progress, where influence = SPRING!

Jill Van Sickle Painting

Tulips in Progress