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City Critters »

While in Tucson, I was obsessed with seeing the coyotes I could hear howling every night. I was also tickled every time I saw a road runner or the funny little quail families. With animals on the mind, I did a painting of a doe. It turned out quite well, and Merry at Gallery 360 suggested I do more animals for my upcoming show.

We agreed I should do animals that people in the Twin Cities might relate to. We had trouble thinking of anything that wasn’t squirrels! Do any of you have ideas of animals I might paint?

My “Painting-a-Day” Project »

Also called: “Oh-My-God-I-Need-a-Big-Project-to-Keep-My-Mind-Off-This-Damn-Snow” Project

Today I start a project to do a painting a day for 30 consecutive days. Check out my Facebook page to see each day’s work – all priced under $100!

Transformations »

This painting just does not want an identity.

First it was a painting of Leper Lilies (which I never snapped a pic of). Their remnants are the speckled purple areas.

Then it morphed into a pond reflection abstract. Several times it got flipped upside down and reworked. Now, I’m not quite sure where it is.

I may have killed this one..

Jill Van Sickle Painting

Originally: Leper Lilies

Jill Van Sickle Painting

Now: Pond Abstract

In Progress »

Here are some in progress or recently finished stuff. And that is as interesting as I get today.

Click on any image to see the full piece.

New Work and Some Itty Bitty Sizes »

This week I wanted to work on some smaller pieces for my next few shows. I’m hoping that having some lower price points at art fairs might be beneficial. I also finished some of my regular sized work.

Tell me what you think – especially if you have any opinions on small-sized paintings and their marketability.

Click on any image for a larger view.