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Opening Reception! »

I’d like to invite you all to come to my opening reception at Gallery 360 in Minneapolis on Saturday, March 6th, 6-10pm. Hope to see you there!

Jill Van Sickle Painting

Dried Stems

City Critters »

While in Tucson, I was obsessed with seeing the coyotes I could hear howling every night. I was also tickled every time I saw a road runner or the funny little quail families. With animals on the mind, I did a painting of a doe. It turned out quite well, and Merry at Gallery 360 suggested I do more animals for my upcoming show.

We agreed I should do animals that people in the Twin Cities might relate to. We had trouble thinking of anything that wasn’t squirrels! Do any of you have ideas of animals I might paint?

Exciting News! »

I’ve been so busy with this painting-a-day project, I’ve hardly had time to announce my two newest galleries and forthcoming solo show!

This first is at the Milward Farrell Fine Arts Gallery in Madison, WI. The owners are incredibly nice, and I hope to see this place soon!

The second is Gallery 310 in Stillwater, MN. Being that this place is a little closer to us than Madison, I urge you to visit. It is a gorgeous space (three floors!) with a great mixture of work.

Also, I have been asked to do a solo show at Gallery 360 in Minneapolis, opening this spring on March 6th. Yeay!!!

These are great opportunities, but I’d better lock myself in the studio for about the next six months!

Insanity »

My head is spinning. I have a 5 foot show at Gallery 360 this coming week, and then the Edina Art Fair the weekend after that, plus the commissioned pieces I’m working on. For the love of Pete, send all your good vibes to me – I need to produce some great work very quickly!

Below is a painting I sold this last weekend.

Jill Van Sickle Painting