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Day 9: Yellow Buds »

Jill Van Sickle Painting

Day 9: Yellow Buds - SOLD

PLUS: I pulled double duty today and did a wall mural for a great kid named Joseph.

Jill Van Sickle Painting

Joseph meets giant Thomas the Train on his playroom wall

Day 7: Ikebana 2 »

Jill Van Sickle Painting

Day 7: Ikebana 2

Day 5: Ikebana Orchids »

Still studying Ikebana art. Now the challenge will be incorporating the balance and minimalism of this art form into my work with different subject matters.

Jill Van Sickle Painting

Day 5: Ikebana Orchids

Day 4: Ikebana »

Yesterday’s painting, as well as today’s, is a study on the composition of Ikebana – the Japanese art of floral arrangement. It may sound a little fluffy, but this art form is one that is taken very seriously and delivers deeply thought-out, interesting pieces.

As I’ve been trying to improve on my compositions, I’ve been studying this practice. These arrangements emphasize shape, line, form, and perhaps my favorite, minimalism. Somehow these artists are able to take a stick, a bud and a leaf and turn it into something intensely interesting.

There are also fascinating spiritual aspects to the art. For example, they do the work in silence, to connect to the art and nature.

Jill Van Sickle Painting

Day 4: Ikebana

Day 3: Japanese Arrangement »

Jill Van Sickle Painting

Day 3: Japanese Arrangement - SOLD