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Featured Artist! »

I was honored to be the featured artist in Rachelle Kuehl’s (an art teacher in Virginia) art class. The kids all worked to re-create one of my pieces. I cannot tell you how humbled and delighted I am with their pieces!

The piece the kids worked from is called “Yellow Horse” and was inspired by some time I spent in Tucson, AZ. Click through the gallery below to see their impressive re-creations!

Jill Van Sickle Painting

The original artwork

The Best Way to End a Summer »

My youngest cousin Siri (9) gave me the best gift ever this week.


My cousin Siri, sweet and cute!

It is very easy to get discouraged in trying to make a living as an artist. I contemplate quitting all the time. A few days ago, however, I got an email from my aunt that motivated me to keep trying my best.

Here is the email:

Siri was “Star of the Week” at school. She had to fill out a big poster and one of the categories was “Meet My Hero”. She wrote…

“My cousin Jill is my hero because she is a paint artist and she paints things like birds and flowers and sometimes she paints fruit. I think her art is great and colorful.”

Also under When I Grow Up I want to be a _____, she wrote “glass or paint artist.”

Thanks Siri!