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When people like a painting of mine that has sold, I suggest that I could do another version for them.  Often times, people question if that would compromise my artistic integrity.  No way!  Think of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.  There are seven versions of that painting.  Redoing one of my own pieces gives me a chance to re-think it, correct what I did like the first time, and ultimately learn from the experience.  I really enjoy it!  The second versions never look exactly the same, of course, but ultimately turn out really well.

Below I’ve posted some of the commissions I’ve done in the last year.  As you can see, some have significant changes -planned out with the buyers before beginning.  Some are a completely different size, and some are very similar to the original.

If you ever consider having me do a commission, keep in mind that I will continue to work on the piece until my clients are happy!  I only want people own a piece of my work if every time they walk by it, they’re thrilled to own it.  Commissions are an additional 20% to my normal prices, give or take in particular situations.






Two Great Shows »

Minneapolis hosted two great art openings last night. At Gallery 360 (Xerxes and 50th in Minneapolis) Rebecca Koponen unveiled her latest paintings in a show titled “The Amber Light.” Beautiful!

Her paintings are very dreamy and warm with stunning colors all of which are used very subtly. Each piece is a hybrid of abstraction and representation (a style I am constantly trying to master). I took the liberty of stealing one of the images (my favorite) to post here.

Rebecca Koponen Art

Birch Grove by Rebecca Koponen - 30"x40", acrylic on canvas

Also opening last night was a show called “Circus” by Felice Amato. If you’re like me and have a 2.6 second attention span, Felice’s work might be easy for you to pass by. But, if you fight your inner impatience and take time to look at this work, you will be delightfully surprised.

The detail in each of these sculptures is thoughtful and whimsical and sometimes even funny. Looking at these I felt like I was having weird dreams about the circus. So cool!

Felice Amato Art Show

Both artists have work available at Krista Artista gallery in Anoka.

JJ Days »

Ahhh, what a bizarro blast from the past.

My art fair this weekend in Northfield, MN was great and wonderful and nutty and thrilling and freaky. Being that I was born in Northfield – and lived there until I was ten – was just the first weird-o factor.

Add in my parents being from there, my grandparents having spent years living there, and having two uncles and eleven aunts who all grew up there makes me one connected woman. I’d say one of three people who walked into my booth had some connection to me.

“Oh, are you so-and-so’s so-and-so?”

“Oh, you must be related to such and such.”

Albeit weird, every single one of those people were kind and supportive. Not to mention beautiful. Are all folks from Northfield so good looking? Dang!

I also was lucky to have great artists in booths around me who were helpful and talented. I will have links to their sites soon.

Also, BIG NEWS: I will soon have a gallery representing my work in Madison Wisconsin. And I will be at the The Autumn Art-Quinox art opening in Minneapolis this Friday night. Come out and visit!


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