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Painting A Day – it’s already day 5! »

Are you following along with my Painting a Day for Thirty Days project?  Today is already day 5, and as with the rest of the pieces, it sold within minutes of me posting it on my shopping website: www.vansickleart.com.  A big thanks to all of you who are observing my progress, and I hope getting a peek at a new painting each day gives you a little extra bliss.       -Jill



Painting-A-Day for 30 Days! »

Click here to read about my upcoming 30 paintings in 30 days project!  http://www.vansickleart.com/blog/

Big News! Shopping Website is Here! »

Big news everyone!

I’m finally finished building my new e-commerce website, vansickleart.com! Point and click to buy artwork (and coming soon, prints)!  I’d love it if you’d help out this small business owner and share this site with others.  Click here to take a look! http://www.vansickleart.com/.

Hope you’re having a great summer! -Jill


I want to photograph your room! »


Do you have a fabulously designed room that has one of my paintings as a centerpiece? Or, perhaps, do you work in an office where my paintings are installed?

As you may know, I’m building a new shopping website.  I’m in need of more high-quality photos of my paintings installed in designer homes and offices.  A lot of you have sent me great little snapshots, and now I’m asking if I can swing by and take some high resolution pics.  Would any of you consider letting me invade your space? It would only take me about ten minutes!

Please email me if you think you have a beautiful room that would look great photographed!  Also, send me a quick snapshot of the room to jog my memory of what painting is installed.

Thank you!


Art Fair This Weekend »

Hi all!

Tonight I’ll be setting up my booth for this year’s Edina Art Fair.  Please note, they’ve moved my booth location to France Ave.  I’m now booth #125.  Also, they’ve extended the hours again this year, and we are required to be in our booths for nine hours both Friday and Saturday, and seven hours on Sunday.  For this reason, please be understanding if you arrive at my booth, and I’m not there.  A gal has to take bathroom breaks!  I’ll also need to leave the booth to get food, or to replenish stock. (Don’t worry about my paintings, my coworkers always watch my booth while I’m away!)

I will be showing lots of new pieces, I hope to see you there!


Each year I set up my booth in my backyard prior to the show to determine how the artwork will fit on the walls.