Changing Scenery

Though did a lot more lounging than painting while vacationing at a lake cabin last week, I learned some new things about my work.

I brought along only basic paints and canvases.  After some time painting, I was missing my oil pastels.  I shuffled through the cabin and found some kid’s markers and pens.  I used these on top of the dry paint and it turned out MUCH cooler than I had expected.   I think pens and markers may be a new addition to my studio tools.

Later that day I got tired of working and lazily left all my paints and canvases out on the picnic table. It wasn’t until later that night, as we sat inside playing cards during a thunderstorm, that I realized I left all that stuff outside!  My sis and I ran out into the storm to save the soggy work.  The next morning I found that one piece, from either the hot sun, or rain, or a combination of the two, started to crack and peel.  I ended up finishing the piece (leaving the crackled paint) and am thrilled with the texture!  Lesson learned:  pay more attention to the texture of the canvas.

I’ve attached pics of the pieces and some detailed shots below.  I think I should vacation more often.  :)


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