Rainy Night

Ahh, finally some rain!  I think has rained only four times this summer and I have been at an art fair for three of these four rainy days.  Hence, I’m happy I can enjoy the rain for once.

I have the next few weekends free of art fairs and frankly I’m a bit relieved. I’ve come to the realization that my years of bar-tending prepared me quite well for working art fairs.

For the most part, art fair people are lovely, thoughtful and full of interest and compliments. Unfortunately, I had a silly delusion that all art fair patrons would be more tactful than bar patrons.  It seems I’ve learned that no matter the level of education or sophistication, there are always people out there who have the gall to say thoughtless, pompous and rude things to strangers.

One plus, however, is that art fairs have less drunk people.

Here are some of the funny (and irritating) things I have heard so far at these fairs.

  1. “Did you make all these?” This question is asked as I sit alone in a tent with my name plastered everywhere while wearing a huge name tag that says JILL VAN SICKLE – ARTIST.
  2. “Is 950.00 the price?” Me: “Yup.” “In dollars?” I wish I would have told this guy: “No, pesos.”
  3. “You should be more daring in your paintings.” My paintings aren’t about daring.
  4. ”You should paint pheasants or ducks so the pheasants forever and ducks unlimited people will buy your work.” Really, a guy said this to me.
  5. “I have a great idea for a painting, it is a vintage truck on a beach under a palm tree…of course, I’ll probably just paint it myself.” Wow! What a great idea!

Ah well, gotta laugh it off, eh?

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