First Fair of the Season

Well, my first art fair (Wayzata Art Experience) of the season was a rough ride! Now that it is over, I can find a little more humor in it.

On Saturday, the wind and cold were record-breaking. If that wasn’t bad enough, my tent blew down and broke. I had to use an ugly old rental for the entire show that was WAY overpriced.

I’m lucky none of my work was harmed though…we heard some glass artists weren’t so lucky. Sales were low for everyone, and I am feeling a little defeated.

Still, I have to send out a big thanks to all those artists around me who were so nice, Steve Phlipson, an old college classmate in the booth next to me who kept my spirits up, and my super sweet family (Chris, Cass, Clint, Mom, Richard, Aunt Laurie, Siri, Aunt AnnMarie, Jenny and Ali) who all came to support me!

Now it is time to scrape up some money and buy a new booth. Ugh!

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